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Thursday, January 20

Hong Kong Broadband Network

 Hong Kong Broadband Network is the service provider for high speed home use broadband. It has been providing diversity and high quality service for residential and enterprise market, including broadband, Wi-Fi, voice communication, entertaining service and other series of advancing business solutions. For the past years, Hong Kong Broadband Network have invested more than 4.1 billion Hong Kong dollar to build one of the fibre optic networks that cover the largest area in Hong Kong. In 2014, Hong Kong Broadband Network successfully built the largest Ethernet network world wide. Hong Kong Broadband Network became the first broadband internet service provider which can provide 1000M internet speed for residential place in 2015. In 2013, Hong Kong Broadband Network acquired the Y5ZONE. After this acquisition, Hong Kong Broadband Network further developed its Wi-Fi business. In 2016, Hong Kong Broadband Network acquired New world Telecom . This acquisition effectively help Hong Kong Broadband Network to improve in the business development of enterprise solution market a lot. To this day, the fibre optic network of Hong Kong Broadband Network have covered more than 2.1 million residence in Hong Kong, which accounts for 79% of the total resident units in Hong Kong. The network of Hong Kong Broadband Network also covers 2200 commercial buildings. More than 11000 Wi-Fi spot of Hong Kong Broadband Network are spread in various areas of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Broadband Network has become a dominant winner in HK residential market from 2006 to 2015. Revenue grown from 1160 million Hong Kong dollar to 2341 million Hong Kong dollar which doubled in 10 years. Total broadband residential subscriptions has been growing from 2.2 million to 7.89 million.  Hong Kong Broadband Network is the Best performer in Asian Telecom Stocks according to Nomura research “Asia telecoms talk”in 2016. The success of Hong Kong Broadband Network comes from its unique competitive advantage which is can be seen in three way: Core purpose, Skin in the game and Competitors’ enemy is our friend. A successful enterprise should have a pursuit higher than profit. The core purpose is Hong Kong Broadband Network is to make HK a better place to live. We are devoted and passionate to make this happen. To achieve this purpose, HKBN treasure and value talents. Customers’ satisfaction is what we strive for. At the same time, Hong Kong Broadband Network respect regulators, obey the market rule and protect the market. Hong Kong Broadband Network focus on the need of the society and tries to make it a more pleasant and convenient place to live in.Skin in the game is the key to form a better incentive system. HKBN adopt the co-ownership method to let senior leaders to feels more responsible for the company. The valuable income us KPI and pain-Gain Program can encourage the employees to work harder. Competitor’s enemy is our friend is the belief HKBN hold to be competitive in the market. In 2015 and 2016, HKBN formed partnership with LeTV and TVB. These collaboration will help us to strengthen our presence in the market.

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